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22 Dec 2019
Group fitness instructors work with multiple people at one time in a multitude of different fitness areas. Those who wish to learn about CrossFit, yoga, boot camp, indoor cycling, Zumba, pilates, kickboxing, and a variety of other exercises usually partake in a group setting rather than try the exercise alone. Group fitness is a great motivator, and encourages everyone to participate, resulting in working harder and learning faster from everyone in the group. The most successful fitness instructors typically have a few traits that make them efficient in their job.

People person
As this individual will be completely focused on helping other people, having an outgoing and friendly attitude will be very beneficial. Being able to connect with clients will help both the instructor and the group to feel more comfortable, especially for those who are in the class for the first time.

High energy
Most group instructors teach more than one class a day, if this is their full-time job. Even if being a group instructor is a second job, these individuals still need to find the energy to complete their first job before moving onto teaching a fitness class. Once in the class, instructors must try to transfer their high energy to the rest of the group. Being both motivating and encouraging also accompany this trait.

Most people who participate in classes would rather be taught by someone who is certified. This shows that the instructor is experienced, and has the ability to teach a class with the proper instruction. Some of the most well-known agencies from which individuals may earn this certification include The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and The American Council on Exercise (ACE). There are many other agencies from which certification may be earned, as well.

While being able to efficiently teach one class may be enough for some instructors, others want to learn more than just one fitness style. Earning specialized certification in addition to the general certification is highly encouraged. For example, general certification allows most instructors to teach cardio classes, but specialized certification is available in areas such as Pilates, yoga, and kickboxing, among others.

These characteristics should also be found in those who are also personal trainers. Often times, group fitness instructors also train people on an individual basis, in order to allow for extra attention and coaching in certain areas. The above-mentioned are just a few of the traits valued in an instructor. Those who teach group fitness all have their own style, whether with music, pace, interval training, or the number of participants allowed in each class.

Those considering taking a group fitness class should search for an instructor with whom they feel comfortable, both in personality and in exercise expertise. Individuals who are considering pursuing this career should participate in either a group fitness program or certified personal trainer course. Some programs even offer blended learning, which allows students to complete coursework online, but requires physical appearance for various tests or a final exam.
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