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22 Dec 2021

Along with the development of digital technologies, lots of new occupations appeared. Link builders, SEO managers, growth hackers…In the design domain, we may also see the diversity of professions, which, on the one hand, have much in common but still bear distinct differences.

When businesses feel the necessity of hiring a designer for product development, they may face difficulties defining who they need to get on board – a product designer or a UX designer.
Product designer responsibilities and skills
Before the SaaS industry boomed, the product design specialty was mainly related to creating the design for physical products. However, when businesses started to move to the cloud, product designers became engaged in building interactive product designs from the ground up.

To a certain extent, a product designer can be considered a product’s “business owner” due to the high engagement in all aspects of the product design process, starting from building a concept and elaborating on user experience to polishing the user interface details.

UX designer responsibilities and skills
The term “UX designer” transformed from “user experience” designer, and this abbreviation is now commonly used in job titles. The UX designer’s priority is to ensure customers easily achieve their goals when interacting with the product. In addition, they struggle to make product accessible and usable for as many people as possible. And if we say that the product designers are business-oriented, the UX designers are entirely customer-oriented.

Of course, they also care about business but from a customer satisfaction perspective. To understand end users’ needs, the UX designer investigates their behavior by conducting UX research and user interviews and running lots of user testing.

So, what skills does a UX designer have to possess to successfully perform these tasks?

Here is a rough skillset:

profound knowledge of UX design principles
hands-on experience with creating sketches, wireframes, and prototypes
remarkable communication skills
awareness of current trends in UI/UX design
knowledge of how to build user stories, personas, storyboards, and customer journey maps
understanding of interactive design concepts and principles
In this UX design article You will find:
Differences in product designer and UX designer professions

Perhaps the first difference between a product designer and a UX designer that comes top of mind is the focus. As we’ve discussed above, the main focus of the product designer is business, while for the UX designer, it’s the customer. Although it’s true, it isn’t that plain.

The truth is that UX designers also mind business goals as, eventually, all the efforts they put into enhancing user experience resulted in product success.

The principal difference between these two design professions is when they do their job.

in details, Read more by visiting this article:

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