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22 Dec 2021
Generally, this is the part where I introduce myself as the author and summarize my pedigree, including, but not limited to, my background, education, work experience, and most people’s favorite: BLOGGING INCOME.

Income is such a popular blogging topic because, c’mon, be totally real: you’re most likely thinking about money right now.

Specifically, learning how YOU CAN MAKE MONEY BLOGGING using artificial intelligence too.

So instead of dumping my resume on your lap, you’ll get to know more about me through the lessons that I teach on this page.

I promise, if you’ve just started your blogging journey or you still consider yourself an average blogger, YOU WILL LEARN a new way to make money blogging today in 2 simple lessons.


Buy an “aged” domain

As a matter of fact, it’s so easy (and inexpensive) most people don’t think enough about not starting a blog.

For most of you, it’s too late, and you’ve already taken the plunge where, most likely, you’re blogging career will end in a few months with an awkward Tik-Tok farewell.

I know this personally because there’s live data to substantiate it. 

Additionally, I visit the domain auction house daily, where I “adopt” old blog names and find them new homes for substantial amounts of money.


Edit like a native English speaker with AI.

The word “content” can mean all sorts of things like images, videos, and the written word. 

Consequently, people all over the globe can’t seem to get enough of the stuff—this hunger to digest loads of content fuels the multi-billion dollar affiliate marketplace.

In the early days of blogging, search engines weren’t nearly as sophisticated as today. And many niche bloggers took advantage by throwing 300-500 spammy word articles onto their sites like rice at a wedding. 

Then, Google got smarter and started penalizing them, and boom, overnight, no more easy money.

Today, when you click on an article that appears on the first page of Google, you’ll notice that it’s usually at least 1000 words.

Blog to Make Money

A common myth is that blogging doesn’t make you money.

Although blogging is not an easy way to make a lot of money, many bloggers are making a good side income and even a full-time job.

It is not easy to make a living from your website. But here are some common ways that bloggers make money through blogs.

Advertising — You could sell advertising space to companies directly as a blogger to promote related products. Ad networks such as Google Adwords, which will pay you for each click or view of their ads, can also be used.
Affiliate programs – If you promote a product on your blog, you may be eligible for an affiliate commission if someone clicks the link and purchases through your site. It’s a “finders fee.”
Content marketing – If you sell physical or digital products or offer coaching or consulting services, your blog posts can be a great starting point for introducing those opportunities to your readers. Bloggers prefer this approach to “sales-y” techniques.
Teaching courses – Blog posts are often just the beginning of a topic. Offering courses that go deeper than your blog content is a way to create additional income streams.


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