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9 Feb 2022
Cuvets.Com (Aireka Scientific Co., Ltd) is a leading manufacturer and international supplier of high-quality, fused quartz products and related lab supplies. Our products range from all series cuvettes and flow cells and watch glasses to large, complex laboratory apparatus. Manufacturing of specialized extremely high-purity fused quartz products is also available with us.

We also stock and supply quartz and alumina in the form of cuvettes and cells, tubing, rods, ingots, discs, plates, and cylinders. The shop offers custom fabrication of fused quartz to customer specification and configuration. Available in opaque or transparent forms, our fused quartz products meet or exceed all industry standards for physical, thermal, chemical, and mechanical properties.

Cuvettes and cells are used to hold samples for spectroscopic and fluorescence measurements and are made from quartz glass, optical glass, plastic, and other materials. In this article, we are going to introduce the following types of cuvettes and cells:

Spectrophotometer Cuvettes and Cells
Fluorometers Cuvettes and Cells
Flow Through Cuvettes and Cells
Spectrophotometer Cuvettes and Cells
Spectrophotometer Cuvettes and Cells -  iCuvets.Com’s UV-vis range quartz cuvettes and spectrophotometer cells are used for testings that are being conducted in the UV-visible wavelength, that is, from 190-2500 nanometers.  

Our UV-vis range quartz cells and spectrophotometer cells are manufactured from UV grade quartz glass. This material provides 83% (HTR & CRF-H) or 80% (CRF & NRC) transmission from 190 to 2500 mm and is the best choice for tests within that range. The transmission of our IR quartz cuvettes is 80% over the usable range of 220 to 3500 nm. 
Open Top Standard 3.5ml Fluorometer / Fluorescence Cuvettes - These cuvettes have a volume of 3.5ml, 4 optical polished windows, and 12.5 x 12.5 x 45 mm outer dimension. Custom engraving/labeling service available.

The most widely used types of cuvette cells in the analytical chemistry field are rectangular cells. Our cuvettes are designed and fabricated with precise tolerances to make sure all these rectangular cells will be able to fit the cell holders of virtually any brand of spectroscopic instruments.

Open Top Lid Micro/Macro Spectrophotometer Cuvettes and Cells
While 10mm pathlength cuvettes are the most commonly used, we also supply cell path lengths from 0.2 mm to 100 mm, as shown below. All our standard cuvette window thickness is 1.25 mm. These are the most basic, fundamental cuvette types, virtually fitting all types of spectrophotometers. 


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